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Group of paralegals posing for a photo

Legal Knowledge 101: What Does a Paralegal Do?

The title, a paralegal, is given to individuals with a particular education and experience that qualify them to work as legal assistants. Certified paralegals need to undergo certification exams to earn the tit...

Woman fined with a traffic violation

How Major Traffic Violations Can Affect Your Insurance Rates

Until you get on the wrong side of the law, you’re unlikely to appreciate the freedom that comes with having a driver’s license. Keeping a clean driving record is the greatest challenge you’ll face a...

Lawyer with clients filing divorce

What are the Valid Reasons for Filing a Divorce in New York?

There are seven grounds for filing a divorce in New York, and couples may cite more than one to support their petition. Whether you live in Long Island or Suffolk County, a divorce attorney will be necessary...


Selling your Business: Things to Consider Before Doing So

Selling your business is one of the biggest decisions that you would make in your life. But, perhaps, you have already made up your mind that is why you are reading this article. To help you prepare even more t...

Lady with injured leg at work

3 Effective Ways of Dealing with Accidents in the Workplace

Employees often operate in dynamic environments. Some of which pose a great risk to both their health and safety. That applies to all employees regardless of their professional field. The level of threat differ...

Couple getting mortgage advice

Build Home Equity Quickly With 2 Smart Moves

You need to build equity in the house quickly if you’re to enjoy the homeowning experience, explains a residential mortgage loan expert. Rushing through the home buying process increases your chances of maki...


A 1031 Property Exchange Doesn’t Just Defer Taxes

Many people fail to realize or appreciate the upsides of taking part in a 1031 property exchange. Deferring capital gains taxes on a property sale increases your capital toward buying a more profitable property...


Property Division during Divorce: What is Double Dipping?

In the context of divorce, double dipping involves one spouse getting paid or receiving payment twice for one asset. For example, this could occur when the marital asset in question was erroneously counted twic...


3 Benefits of Consulting a Conveyancer Before Selling Your Home

The process of selling a home can be long and complex, especially if you are going about it alone. That’s why it’s a smart idea to hire a conveyancer to help you out. A conveyancer is familiar with real est...


Reasons to Hire a Timeshare Lawyer

Timeshares: some people want to have them, while there are others who want to get rid of them. Regardless of which type of person you are, having the right people to help you have a successful transaction is a ...