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Man and Woman Involved in Car Accident

The Duty to Defend in Car Accident Insurance

All drivers in Washington State need to have car insurance. This comes in handy when you get into an accident. You may or may not need an auto accident attorney in Lynnwood for minor injuries and property dam...


3 Things Your Auto Injury Lawyer Wished You Knew

Dealing with a personal injury can be frustrating. Your time, money, and preparation are important. Patience is also critical, so allow your attorney to do things in a step by step manner. However, there are th...

Court Gavel and a Lawyer

Employment Mediation: What Are the Legal Approaches?

The workplace is a fertile ground for conflicts. Rather than go to court to solve your dispute, employment mediation is the perfect solution. Mediation is an alternative legal dispute resolution method where a ...

Grandfather holding his grandson

Legal visitation rights of grandparents

The ending of a marriage or a relationship is a stressful event and can become even more daunting when children are involved. Ideally, children will be able to continue interacting with members of their family,...


How Much Does It Cost to Be a Paralegal in the U.S.?

The cost of tuition for a paralegal school in the U.S. will mostly depend on your chosen degree, although it may cost around $6,100 for an associate degree and around $29,000 for a bachelor’s degree. If you a...


Conveyancers and How to Find a Good One

Having a good conveyance solicitor to help you manage your property transactions is a must. Their expertise can save you a huge amount of time, expense and hassle when purchasing a new home. However, like other...

Lawyer studying a case

Complex issues that probate solicitors in Portsmouth can deal with

When someone dies, the process can be quite straightforward. However, complex issues arise frequently as well. If there is an estate of any kind to manage, it is wise for the family of the deceased to engage pr...


What All Divorcees Should Know About Divorce Decree Modifications

If your ex-spouse has experienced a “significant change” in his or her circumstances following the final divorce decree, you might have the chance to change some elements of your current arrangement. In gen...

Divorce Paperwork Explained

During any legal proceedings, even those that do not involve a trip to court, there can be a lot of paperwork. Divorce is no exception and there are many different types of paperwork that may need to be filed. ...

Legal Tech

Legal Technology: Innovative Legal Services for Business Lawyers

Technological advancements affect almost all aspects of life. Smartphones are becoming everyone’s best friend, and millions of customers look for the most innovative applications and appliances. More and more...