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Property Division during Divorce: What is Double Dipping?

In the context of divorce, double dipping involves one spouse getting paid or receiving payment twice for one asset. For example, this could occur when the marital asset in question was erroneously counted twic...

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Child Custody 101: Understanding the 4 Main Classifications

At a time when divorce rates are increasing by the day, the subject of child custody, however sensitive an issue, is inevitable in courtrooms. Child custody refers to the determination of who, between parents...


It’s Replaceable: Fighting Over Little Things in Your Divorce

In some divorce cases, couples are able to work out almost everything, but will then get stuck on something stupid or insignificant. If you or your spouse is in the process of marriage dissolution, finding both...

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Most Common Myths About Personal Injury Cases

There are several myths and stigmas concerning personal injury cases that most people are hesitant to file one even if they’re entitled to it. So, here are the most common misconceptions that people have ...


Factors That May Affect the Division of Community Property

In community property states such as Washington, marital property is divided 50/50 between spouses. But that doesn’t happen in all divorce cases. A court may sometimes order a disproportionate division o...


Should I Reveal My Witnesses to the Claims Adjuster?

Did your demand letter mention that you have people who saw the accident that led to your serious injuries? The insurance company of the at-fault party may then want to speak to these eyewitnesses. Here are fiv...

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Complex issues that probate solicitors in Portsmouth can deal with

When someone dies, the process can be quite straightforward. However, complex issues arise frequently as well. If there is an estate of any kind to manage, it is wise for the family of the deceased to engage pr...


Understanding the Basics of Child Support

Once a couple decides to end their marriage, they’re not the only ones affected by the divorce. Every member of the family will experience a few changes in their lifestyle because of the separation. This ...


Do it Right: The Common Steps in the Divorce Process

If you’re considering a divorce and want to get an idea of what the process will be like, the best step to start learning about it is by consulting your state’s divorce laws. You also have the optio...


The Do’s of Dealing With Trespassers

Trespassers are persons who persons who come to your property without permission. If you own or lease property, you might end up having to deal with trespassers. Knowing the Do’s of how to handle them will pr...