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Legal Knowledge 101: What Does a Paralegal Do?

The title, a paralegal, is given to individuals with a particular education and experience that qualify them to work as legal assistants. Certified paralegals need to undergo certification exams to earn the tit...

Keeping the earnest money deposit

When Do Sellers Get to Keep The Earnest Money Deposit?

You probably know the purpose of the earnest money deposit—to assure sellers that buyers are serious about buying their property. However, what if the buyer’s loan doesn’t come through or changes his or h...


3 Benefits of Consulting a Conveyancer Before Selling Your Home

The process of selling a home can be long and complex, especially if you are going about it alone. That’s why it’s a smart idea to hire a conveyancer to help you out. A conveyancer is familiar with real est...

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How Do Medical Malpractice Lawyers Charge Their Clients?

Fixed contingency fees are the most common way of paying for the services of a medical malpractice lawyer, while sliding-scale contingency fees and hourly rates are the other ways to pay them. If you plan to hi...


How Much Does It Cost to Be a Paralegal in the U.S.?

The cost of tuition for a paralegal school in the U.S. will mostly depend on your chosen degree, although it may cost around $6,100 for an associate degree and around $29,000 for a bachelor’s degree. If you a...


Is It Really Possible to Reach a Fair Divorce Settlement?

A divorce settlement isn’t an easy feat, and it could become a very lengthy process, which could go for many years. But instead of an emotionally and financially draining battle that could harm you, your ex-s...

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Conveyancing: When Cheap Isn’t Necessarily Better

Whether you are selling or purchasing property, you might have to work with professionals, which include solicitors and conveyancers. Most people assume that a low price is best, but this could also mean that i...

Man taking paralegal specialization

Is Paralegal Specialization a Right Career Move for You?

Many successful law firms in the US practice in a specific area of law. Niche specialization helps lawyers distinguish themselves from their competitors and reach a specific market of clients, as well. Lawyers,...

Sad kid holding paper cut-out of mother and father

The Far-Reaching Effects of Parental Alienation

Parental alienation occurs when one parent or guardian decides to interfere with the other parent’s visitation rights or otherwise try to sour the relationship between the child and the other parent. Shaynela...


Important Things to Know Before Putting Your Money in Real Estate

Real estate is as it has always been — the investment of choice for people looking to make it big in the world of entrepreneurship. There are vast opportunities out there if you do things right. If you’ve ...