Lawyer studying a caseWhen someone dies, the process can be quite straightforward. However, complex issues arise frequently as well. If there is an estate of any kind to manage, it is wise for the family of the deceased to engage probate solicitors in Portsmouth to provide legal advice and assistance, and a clear head in what can be an emotional time.

Coroner involvement

After someone dies, the death needs to be registered. If there are no special circumstances, the family may be able to do this themselves. Where there is doubt as to the cause of death, a coroner will be involved and they will need to give permission before the death can be registered. For anyone who is unsure of their rights and responsibilities in this kind of situation, or it looks like they may need to go to court for a special inquest, it is advisable to take legal advice. Probate solicitors in Portsmouth, such as Andrew & Andrew, can get involved once the death is registered. The death certificate is needed to proceed with most aspects of probate.


Intestacy is the legal term for what happens when someone has died without leaving a will. The law dictates how an estate will be divided in these cases. Unfortunately, this often means that some people, who would probably have been included in the deceased will, may not be provided for. This includes unmarried partners, stepchildren and friends.

For anyone who believes they are entitled to financial provision from the proceeds of an estate, and there is dispute over this, they can apply to a court for assistance. The court may rule in their favour and award them some form of compensation. This is something that probate solicitors in Portsmouth can build a case for.

Contesting a will

There are lots of valid, legally recognised reasons why someone might choose to contest a will. For example, if the will does not reflect the wishes of the deceased for some reason, or if a family member feels entitled to more than has been provided, probate solicitors in Portsmouth can help the individual to decide if they have a case.