family law text formed in cubesIs the estate of your loved one being mishandled? Do you suspect misappropriation of the estate? Estate litigation attorneys can stand up for the decedents’ rights and protect their assets when they no longer can.

Bereavement is difficult for any family. It is made more difficult when those left behind need to deal with an estate dispute instead of being able to get on with the business of grieving. There are many reasons for disagreement over a relative’s estate. A trusted estate litigation lawyer in Vancouver, BC cites some of them.

The Will Has Been Incorrectly Drafted

If the person used a lawyer to draft the will, this problem is uncommon, but it can still happen infrequently. Clerical errors in the will may result in an improper understanding of the decedent’s intentions and may need clarification.

The Will Has Not Been Executed Correctly

If the decedent has not signed the will, it means it has not been properly executed and could be legally invalid. There may be a concern that the will has been forged in order to obtain assets or that the decedent was forced to word the will in a particular way to favor one or more persons hoping to extract money or property from them.

Although financial abuse is challenging to prove after a person’s death, a court could look at the circumstances and may find the will invalid if they have a reason to believe that it was not executed correctly or the decedent faced undue pressure from other people to change their will.

The Decedent Was Not Mentally Capable of Making a Will

If the decedent delayed making a will and then later developed a medical condition that affects cognition – such as dementia – a question mark may exist over the validity of the will.

The Estate is Not Being Handled Correctly

Sometimes, the people put in charge of administrating the will are not doing so fairly or they are misappropriating the assets.

The Will is Unfair

Relatives may take issue with a will if all assets are given to just one sibling, for example, or the decedent gives all the assets to charity.

Estate litigation lawyers can represent clients with will problems and help them get the best possible outcome. If you are experiencing this type of problem, it’s ideal to consult a professional right away.