Torn piece of paper with divorce written on itIn some divorce cases, couples are able to work out almost everything, but will then get stuck on something stupid or insignificant. If you or your spouse is in the process of marriage dissolution, finding both yourselves fighting over a kitchen appliance or anything ridiculously small can make the entire process uglier and more expensive.

Costly Battle Over Replaceable Items

It’s, of course, not the appliance or the item that both of you are fighting over. In most cases, it’s what the item represents or the emotional tie that makes it hard for both parties to let go. The sad part is fighting over something replaceable can result in a costly battle that could have been avoided by buying a new or identical version of the item at stake.

Be Mindful of What You are Fighting For

As emotions are running high on divorce, it’s easy to find yourself focusing on getting what you think is yours and yours alone. While you have the right do so, Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer and other family law attorneys in Albuquerque, NM suggest being mindful of what you are fighting over. This is especially true if you want to shorten the process or avoid a nasty divorce and high legal fees.

It Pays to Have an Attorney

The good news is an experienced divorce or family lawyer can serve as a rational and sensible guide, especially during high-conflict divorces. Having an expert legal professional by your side can also prevent you and your emotions from sabotaging the case by settling the matter. Taking the high road or letting go may seem difficult, but it usually leads to better results, especially for your sake.

If the item doesn’t hold something sentimental or substantial monetary value, you may consider letting it go. This will prevent you from spending more time and resources contesting who will take possession of the item than what it’s actually worth. It’s best to be aware (and stop) when you start fighting over pots, pans, plates, or anything ridiculously small that would have been better off buying new ones.

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