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Getting Ready for Divorce

Dissolving a Marriage Through Mediation: An Alternative to Divorce Litigation

Couples deciding to dissolve their marriage for good have the option to do it out-of-court. While the case is suspended from litigation, they can engage in a process that is quicker, more affordable, and non-co...

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What are the Valid Reasons for Filing a Divorce in New York?

There are seven grounds for filing a divorce in New York, and couples may cite more than one to support their petition. Whether you live in Long Island or Suffolk County, a divorce attorney will be necessary...

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Child Custody 101: Understanding the 4 Main Classifications

At a time when divorce rates are increasing by the day, the subject of child custody, however sensitive an issue, is inevitable in courtrooms. Child custody refers to the determination of who, between parents...


Is It Really Possible to Reach a Fair Divorce Settlement?

A divorce settlement isn’t an easy feat, and it could become a very lengthy process, which could go for many years. But instead of an emotionally and financially draining battle that could harm you, your ex-s...

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Thinking of Divorce: How to End the Marriage

Divorce can be one of the most stressful times that you may experience in your life. This is why the right support and advice is crucial, especially in guiding you through the process and the emotional challeng...


What All Divorcees Should Know About Divorce Decree Modifications

If your ex-spouse has experienced a “significant change” in his or her circumstances following the final divorce decree, you might have the chance to change some elements of your current arrangement. In gen...


Do it Right: The Common Steps in the Divorce Process

If you’re considering a divorce and want to get an idea of what the process will be like, the best step to start learning about it is by consulting your state’s divorce laws. You also have the optio...


Easing Stress When Going Through a Divorce

Making the decision to end a relationship can be stressful, especially when it involves engaging in divorce proceedings. The couple may be the primary people involved, but those around them become affected like...

Common Types of Deviations in Child Support Cases

  • February 4, 2018
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Divorce is a painful process and more so when children in the picture. Child support awarded by the courts should make your child’s transition as trouble-free as possible. Every state has its regulations on c...

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Avoid These Three Divorce Mistakes at All Costs

A divorce is a stressful process you will have to endure. It is probably the most trying time in your life. This is where you lose someone who has been a great part of your life and your future. During the proc...