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Property Division during Divorce: What is Double Dipping?

In the context of divorce, double dipping involves one spouse getting paid or receiving payment twice for one asset. For example, this could occur when the marital asset in question was erroneously counted twic...


It’s Replaceable: Fighting Over Little Things in Your Divorce

In some divorce cases, couples are able to work out almost everything, but will then get stuck on something stupid or insignificant. If you or your spouse is in the process of marriage dissolution, finding both...


3 Things Your Auto Injury Lawyer Wished You Knew

Dealing with a personal injury can be frustrating. Your time, money, and preparation are important. Patience is also critical, so allow your attorney to do things in a step by step manner. However, there are th...


Factors That May Affect the Division of Community Property

In community property states such as Washington, marital property is divided 50/50 between spouses. But that doesn’t happen in all divorce cases. A court may sometimes order a disproportionate division o...


Safeguard Your Wealth Asset Protection Strategy

Building wealth is a painstakingly slow and demanding feat that takes many years to perfect. Going by the low number of people who’ve pulled it off successfully, wealth creation is indeed a herculean task. On...

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Legal visitation rights of grandparents

The ending of a marriage or a relationship is a stressful event and can become even more daunting when children are involved. Ideally, children will be able to continue interacting with members of their family,...

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Why a Business Lawyer is Important For Any Company

Most entrepreneurs don’t realize the need for a business attorney until they face a lawsuit, although hiring a lawyer serves many purposes beyond the legal representation. If your company is in a major city l...


How Much Does It Cost to Be a Paralegal in the U.S.?

The cost of tuition for a paralegal school in the U.S. will mostly depend on your chosen degree, although it may cost around $6,100 for an associate degree and around $29,000 for a bachelor’s degree. If you a...


Should I Reveal My Witnesses to the Claims Adjuster?

Did your demand letter mention that you have people who saw the accident that led to your serious injuries? The insurance company of the at-fault party may then want to speak to these eyewitnesses. Here are fiv...

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Filing a Civil Case in NC: Protect Your Rights without Delay

Civil cases are just as threatening to individuals as criminal cases. While crimes pose danger to the society in general, those cases that fall under the civil type typically involve disputes between private en...