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What is Mortgage Rate Lock?

A mortgage rate lock is a lender’s promise to freeze your interest rate while your home loan is in process. The lock period usually applies throughout the stages of loan processing up to loan closing. Onc...

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Effective Methods That Can Make Your Mortgage Applications Faster

Utilizing loans for home purchase is a great option for people who do not have that much money at their disposal. The process is quite tedious, however, which makes it daunting for some newbie applicants. You c...

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Build Home Equity Quickly With 2 Smart Moves

You need to build equity in the house quickly if you’re to enjoy the homeowning experience, explains a residential mortgage loan expert. Rushing through the home buying process increases your chances of maki...

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How to Refinance Your Mortgage in 4 Easy Steps

Refinancing a mortgage may sound like the best option for some homeowners to pay off their existing loan. That is why most people would typically ask help from remortgage solicitors for assistance. But before y...