Office Relocation conceptThere is no doubt that moving to a new office location is challenging, which can disrupt your business operations. This can also add to your and your employees’ stress, as all of you try to prepare for this transition while also keeping your priorities straight.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do minimize stress and have a smooth office relocation. It all starts with careful planning and informing your employees, especially on what they can expect with the process and the entire office relocation.

Corporate moving service companies share some of the things you can do to ensure a smooth office move:

Create a relocation timeline

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to create a timeline on how the move will progress. These include selecting a new office space, preparing for the move, arranging the new site, and installing all the necessary equipment. In general, small businesses should start planning (at least) three months in advance, while medium to large offices should start (at least) six to eight months before the move.

Inform and prepare your employees

Apart from letting your employees know with what they can expect with the move, you should also tell them that you want them to help during the process. This means preparing and packing up their belongings and files, so they’ll be ready to move. If you have many employees, you can appoint people to make sure that everyone is pack and prepared when the right time comes.

Set a relocation budget

When it comes to creating a budget for a new office move, you have to consider a number of expenses. These include the cost of hiring a moving company, buying additional furniture and equipment, setting up and canceling utility contracts, and many others. At the first planning stages of the move, to best to make a list of the expenses you expect to come up, so you can have the money ready.

Downtime and disruption are possible in any office relocation. Be sure to consider the following tips and hire a professional moving company to minimize stress and disruption.