A thief trespassing a propertyTrespassers are persons who persons who come to your property without permission. If you own or lease property, you might end up having to deal with trespassers. Knowing the Do’s of how to handle them will protect you from violating the law.

1. Create a no-trespassing cooperative.

Talking with your neighbours about reviewing property boundaries and ways to monitor the same will help prevent trespassing. Creating the cooperative will also provide a good space to discuss how to deal with people who trespass. MS Webb & Co. notes that you could also invite traveller eviction bailiffs for more advice on how to deal with trespassers.

2. Post your property.

Putting up a ‘’No Trespassing’’ sign annually informs everyone about your seriousness on this matter. Place signs that are visible enough around your property’s perimeter.

Anyone walking around your home should at least see one of the trespassing signs. Make sure you adhere to your states posting laws as you plan to place signage.

3. Call the police.

If the trespasser refuses to leave your premises, don’t attempt to evict them physically. Rather, warn the person about trespassing and if they don’t leave, call the police. Trespassing is a punishable act, so you should leave the authorities to handle the matter.

However, if the person proves that it was necessary for them to remain on the property probably for emergency or safety reasons, they have a legit defence. Either way, leave this for the police to handle.

4. Keep a record of the incident.

Take a photo or even a video of the trespasser. This will serve as evidence if the matter goes to the court of law. If it’s a frequently visited spot, a game camera might be ideal to use.

5. Enhance security in and around your home.

You can make your home more secure by adding locked gates to entrance roads. Use flagging or PVC pipe if you decide to use simple cables to block entrances.

Remember, whatever you do, don’t shoot the trespasser or injure them. Furthermore, avoid aggressive confrontations. The tips mentioned above will work just fine.